Can Hunting be Considered a Sport

hunting Sport

The use of embedded cameras, called GoPro, has become popular in almost all sports, including outdoor. Undoubtedly hunting has not escaped this trend and the debate rages between the advocates of the use of these cameras and those who see there a risk in terms of hunting safety.

Beyond the security aspects, there is a fundamental question:

is hunting a sport like any other?

Historically, hunting, like fishing and gathering, are so-called predation activities. In other words, activities for the acquisition, harvesting of elements of flora or fauna aimed at satisfying primitive food needs. Considered in public opinion as activities of “nature”, the ministry of sports attributes, however, a sporting


character to the activities of predation. Some also argue that we are facing sporting activities as they present social and cultural issues that are accompanied by conflicts of use involving sports users of nature. A new image of hunting takes shape, that of a leisure practiced as a sport codified by the fair play towards the animal.

Different motivations according to the sociological profile of the hunter

If we place ourselves on the side of the practitioners it is interesting to confront the visions of each one as to the sportive nature or not the activities of predation.
A study was also conducted by Julien FUCHS and Frédérick GUYON in 2013 (Saying sporting in predation practices in France) to practitioners of predation activities. In particular, it revealed that 40% spontaneously define their practice of predation as sporting.

As far as hunting is concerned, this study reveals two different profiles of hunters:

The non-sporting hunter

Considered a SportIt is an urban hunter, from an average socio-professional category. His hunting experience is often recent (less than 15 years). For him hunting is above all a physical expense and he is anxious to preserve natural resources.

The sports fighter

This hunter there is a rural hunter. His hunting experience is much more important (at least 15 years). According to him, the hunter is above all a consumer predator in search of a certain authenticity, even able to go as far as the use of the primitive symbolism that manages to survive in nature.

More urban hunters (who are also commonly referred to as “neo-rural”), who often represent new hunters, would therefore tend not to be animated by this sporting aspect of hunting as opposed to rural hunters. The sporting character of the hunting will reveal itself in particular through the attitudes and the gestures of the hunter (technical skills, sophisticated equipment). The quest for performance is also at the heart of the hunters’ convictions, such as hunting trophies.

We can, however, qualify these conclusions. In our view, older hunters will clearly distinguish between hunting and sport. Young people, on the other hand, will tend to view hunting as a sport in order to distinguish themselves from hunting practices that are far from their own perceptions: hunting, or bourgeois hunting.

Sports hunting, an attempt to justify the activity?

huntApart from these notable sociological differences among hunters, the creation of an image of the sporting hunter could express the necessities of adaptation to the new conditions of the practice. The restriction of Sunday hunting, for example, allows hunters to practice only in the morning and to book their afternoon to their families. If one goes in this direction, the hunt becomes the “leisure of Sunday morning”. As another example, it is clear that the knowledge of the spaces is less thorough in the hunters of today. The wood, the plain tend to become the equivalent of a sports field, simple support of an activity.
Although formerly hunting was the peasant hobby par excellence, it is now part of a complementary or competing set of activities.

We are thus witnessing an attempt to justify the activity: an activity within a natural framework, with respect to other outdoor practices, and above all a good way to keep fit.
The elaboration of a new discourse on the justification of hunting and the constitution of a new representation of the practice which makes the hunter a sportsman respectful of the natural environments and concerned with fair play with his fellow hunters and its “prey” may also appear as a response to criticism of traditional, often stigmatized, traditional hunting.

So hunting, sporting or not? Everything depends on what the hunter is looking for, what he finds there and his own evolution. Often hunting will be considered as “sporting leisure”.
In a logic of legitimation of the practice, the approach sports assumed is not it an interesting way to dig?


To the precision of the hunting gun

huntingif you are a hunter then hunting gun will be your one of the must have hunting equipment. The most important prerequisite for achieving the optimum target effect of a rifle floor is the correct meeting place. In order to hit the deadly hit zone of an animal, the shot precision is of paramount importance.

The precision of a rifle shot is determined by several factors:

Matching weapon and ammunition

First, the bushing and the cartridge used must provide as small a spread as possible. Every hunter knows that not all cartridges can shoot from his gun exactly. We should try with which cartridges our rifle scatters the least.

Of course, hunting hunches differ in terms of their precision because of their design. An optimized running bedding in the system, as well as the correct running length, which must match the cartridge, also make an important contribution to the optimal use of the energy of the powder. The machining of the runout is of particular importance. Mufflers can improve precision, but also deteriorate.

The ammunition should always fit into our rifle, so shoot as small as possible. This is, of course, particularly important for long distances, while the forest hunter will tolerate somewhat larger hurdles. The claim of mountain hunters is considerably higher. We reach today with an optimal rifle ammunition combination scattering around 300 meters of about 5 centimeters.rifel

Rifle and ammunition manufacturers optimize all internal ballistic requirements for the highest possible precision. In this respect, moderate loads with suitable powder varieties have proved to be particularly beneficial. You can fairly safely assume that a cartridge does not provide good precision that will allow the barrel of your rifle to rise 30 cm or more from the pad. With the urge to produce as fast as possible cartridges, some manufacturers exaggerate the precision. Of course, lightweight tipping bushes are more sensitive here than heavy repeaters. Thicker barrels may bring more peace and precision, but the old principle is that every extreme is more harm than good, just as far as precision is concerned.

Premium producers for hunting ammunition, who mainly develop their own projectiles, offer the highest possible standard, because they are already in the development all possibilities for the optimization of the internal ballistics up to the desired goal. Anyone who has decades of experience in this and is equipped accordingly, can also develop premium cartridges with premium vaults from other manufacturers.



Anyone who constantly changes his ammunition does not have to wonder about the fact that his scattering is getting bigger and bigger. The few runs may change the ammunition. One should at least clean well in the middle, after using copper shells mechanically with steel wool and chemically with appropriate running cleaners. Then the rifle has to be shot again.

For the mountain hunts, pro-shot at 200 and 300 meters are always recommended, since not every ammunition shoots at the same distance as at 100 meters.
Wide distances

The so-called outside ballistics, so the flight of the projectile, we hunts little influence. However, we can make sure that it shoots as precisely as possible when selecting the ammunition.

A completely underestimated problem for the wide shot is the wind deviation: we can not measure or predict the wind in the whole shooting range. Especially in the mountains there is a lot of air turbulence. Rapid caliber-to-shot combinations reduce wind deviations, but are not always more precise than more moderate combinations. In the meantime, we are able to reach our goal with several shots. We want to hit an animal right with the first shot, so do not make shooting exercises on living animals.


On the stalk in forest and field reeds, such target sticks are optimal when no suitable tree is available for painting. Here, the front and rear supports offer the highest possible shot precision.

It is clear to us that far more shots must be practiced than near shots from a well-furnished pulpit. For the improvement of the shot precision on movement hunts only the training in the shooting cinema helps.


Overview of the hunting rifle MP-155

mp-155The hunting rifle MP-155 represents a continuation of the line of gas-discharge smooth-bore rifles manufactured by the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. The manufacturer assures that the new model eliminates many of the shortcomings of the previous one. It is interesting that the model MR-155 is in the process of finalization. The plans of the plant to install on the gun Italian plastic butt and fore-end.


Advantages over predecessors


The main advantage of the MP-155 in front of the MP-153 is the reduced weight of the gun. This effect was achieved due to the modification of the gas removal mechanism and the installation of a lightweight aiming bar. These changes have allowed not only to reduce weight, but also to achieve a better balance of the gun. For rifles with caliber 12/76, a shortened receiver is provided, which additionally reduces weight. The review of the hunting rifle MP-155RM-155 became more ergonomic in comparison with its predecessor. Plastic inserts between the receiver and the butt allow reducing the difference. The new design of the backplate-shock absorber is better to extinguish the recoil. The reduced trigger stroke and the increased fuse button provide additional ease of use.

New consumer properties


Now the gun is available for left-handed hunters. The new MR-155 provides the ability to install collimating and optical sights. The MP-155 provides a modification with a cut-off or without it. In some cases, such a mechanism that allows you to charge a cartridge not from the chamber can be very useful. Especially when it is necessary to install a cartridge of a larger caliber. The details made of wood are well adjusted, but the fore-end still strongly protrudes. Usually, the forehead protrusion is about 0.5 mm, however, at the rifles of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, they protrude more than 2 mm.


Recommendations after purchase


The quality of arms production is still far from ideal, therefore all rifles have shortcomings. When buying a gun, pay special attention to the alignment of the rings in the trunk. Immediately after the purchase of the gun, it is necessary to perform its re-opening. First of all, wash the barrel and box with kerosene to get rid of dirt. There are cases when metal chips are found in the box, which must also be thoroughly cleaned. After disassembling the MP-155 gun, we recommend locking all the pins. They are fitted so that they are easy to get.


For MP-155, the maximum length of the cartridge is provided. For guns of caliber 12/89 the length of the cartridge should not exceed 82 mm, and for the caliber 12/76 – 71 mm. If the maximum length is exceeded by at least 1 mm, there is a possibility that the cartridge will not be pushed out of the magazine. New consumer properties for the guns of caliber 12/76 tests were carried out, during which it was found out that from such guns it is possible to shoot cartridges of caliber 12/70. Do not charge a longer sleeve in a smaller chamber. This can lead to swelling of the trunks. Despite all the shortcomings and shortcomings listed, the gun is generally good. Of the advantages can be called easy, good balance. Details in the MP-155 fit better than in the MP-153, without backlash. Muzzle nozzles are perfectly attached to the rifle without fitting. The MP-155 is equipped with three nozzles: a choke, a pin and three-quarters of a choke. The kit also includes three inserts, allowing you to adjust the deviation of the stock


Responses of owners МР-155


Responses of owners about МР-155легаш, 04.06.13: The gun is happy. The price is acceptable. Vladimir, 29.06.13: Today I purchased a new MR-155 in a tree (walnut), according to documents weight 3150 kg (in this version). He himself did not weigh, but much easier. There is a fixing for the optics; there is a magazine more cut off. In the store I chose from 4 copies, if I do not find fault, then all 4 copies are worthy: no shots, no backlash of a forehead, no distortions in the fitting of parts. Nozzles are screwed evenly. In a set of three attachments: a choke, a pin and instead of a cylinder a quarter of a choke, plus 3 liners for a butt. In general, the gun was pleasant! Vladimir, 01.07.13: In general, he fires all ammunition, he specially bought different patrons. Shot about 300-350 cartridges. The only thing that is not clear, why the aim bar was not soldered along the entire length of the trunk. It is soldered at the beginning and at the end. Cyril, 10.07.13: I bought an MP-155, I am more than happy. Comfortable, easy, beats for sure. With eighty meters of bullets in a cut of a tree with a diameter of 25 cm, both bullets from the center of 5-8 centimeters deviated, though he did stand without standing. Ivan, 25.07.13: Today I shot from the 155th. Bullets fall well, heap for 10cm. A little above the aiming point from 40 meters. He took all the ammunition: the fetter-shot, the slm-bullets, the pose-fraction. Rubber butt stock did not like. It clings to clothes and does not slip.